Monday, November 19, 2018

Bitcoin Shows Good Long Term Support Levels

Despite the 75% Drop from Last Years High Bitcoin Looks Good Long Term

Bitcoin value appears to be stabilizing in the $3,000 to $7,000 range.

If this support level solidifies, then we are seeing a big increase in Bitcoin value over the previous two year span.

These figures are good for Bitcoin long term.

Attribution in Trauma Recovery

The Past is the Past

For trauma survivors there's little need to look into the past for answers. When in a marriage with a trauma survivor the past should be about what is good.

The Present is the Tool and the Launching Point

With my wife Ishwari Devi Dasi, I have learned that whatever it is that has caused her trauma in the past doesn't matter. It doesn't matter anymore.

For myself, I have always been very self critical and able to use my experiences from the past to gradually create a better future.

It is completely different with Ishwari. I have learned to rethink and relearn my own mind. Ishwari wants to hear all of the good things from the past. She doesn't want to be reminded of what caused the trauma.

Ayurvedic Psychology: Trauma Increases Trauma

The Ayurvedic Healing Psychology also treats trauma the same way. Western psychology and therapy largely believes in reliving and rehashing the past. This belief is opposite of Ayurvedic Healing Psychology.

Ayurvedic Healing Psychology says for nervous system disorder due to a lifetime of Vata Dosha ama (toxins) one should avoid the trauma.

One should immerse oneself in Ayurvedic massage oils daily. A large amount of massage oils. One should do things that make them happy.

There's no need to challenge oneself with goals of conquering trauma

One should retire and resign from the trauma designation and engage in the occupation of cozy and warm loving liberties without conflict.

When Forgiveness Becomes Irrelevant

Why forgive a trauma survivor. They didn't do anything wrong. Forgiveness doesn't apply.

Productive Forgetfulness

Instead we should forget the past traumas. We should shed any concept of ownership of them. We need to put on new clothes.

We need to put new light summer clothes on and bathe in the sunshine of simply existing in the human form.

Importance of Family

Family is most important. For trauma survivors the past trauma and its effects on family are best given attention for resolution and positive change.

Shedding the trauma from the past does not necessarily mean shedding the important people in life that share some of the same traumas.

Family Constellations, Reincarnation and Liberation

The Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy and Hindu philosophy show the deep connection to enlightenment through the immediate family members.

It is said that when one member of the family becomes liberated then all members of the family seven (7) generations forward and back also are liberated.

This family connection is recognized also by indigenous healing methods from New Zealand. The connection between emotions, the nervous system and our path to ultimate liberation is extremely strong and vital.

Ayurveda Recommends Sattva Guna

Light, brightness, clarity, levity, conscious and well intentioned active nature, cleanliness, white, yellow, blue, fennel, cumin, corriander, sunshine, open sky, warmth, comfort, fluidity, freedom, flexibility, organic white Indian basmati rice, tofu, fresh figs, fresh dates, fresh berries, freah organic whole milk, love, tenderness, gentleness, compassion, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, sentience, rest, relaxation, good food, happy food, large amounts of happy feasts, celebration, acceptance, positivity, sobriety, truthfulness, transparency, honesty, humility, dedication, purpose, resolve, graceful, gentle and delicate intimacy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Trauma Survivors

I have suffered from domestic violence. I am a victim of domestic violence.

My wife is a survivor of domestic violence.

Before I met my wife Ishwari, I had never encountered domestic violence or the effects of domestic violence.

The traumas that Ishvari experienced before I met her affected me so much that I am now victimized by domestic violence.

I have absorbed so much of her past trauma that I have become victimized.

It is part of our Guadiya Vaishnava practice to become one in marriage. I have taken on Ishvaris previous karmas with enthusiasm.

Ishvari and I are gradually overcoming the past as we are often doing Ayurvedic Healing Science at home.

It is necessary for us to take time off from stressful activities and immerse ourselves in healing each other as often as we get time.

The future is always good for us as we both have helped each other overcome so much.

From my past there was many bad habits and undesirable character traits that Ishwari has molded and refined into a somewhat better character that I now wear.

Learning sensitivity and gentleness to a greater degree than I ever thought possible is due only to Ishwari and our Guru.

I have been happy absorbing her past trauma. It's Vedic Marriage belief that husband and wife become one body and share this material experience together. The concept of individuality changes with marriage according to Vedic tradition.

We are one. The good and the bad mix. Ishvaris weaknesses I learn how to make into my weaknesses so we can grow together.

Our strengths we absorb jointly as well.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Ishwari and Eeshwar new Album set for Print January 31st 2019

Ishwari and Eeshwar SoundCloud

Organic Electronic Krishna Kirtan

New album featuring vocals by Ishwari Devi Dasi and electronic beats by Eeshwar Das in a somewhat throwback Hip Hop style.

Motivation source for devotional service to Krishna. Ishwari Devi Dasi delivers raw recorded words and eloquent singing beauty that brings the sadhaka and the spiritually curious to feel a sense of what the chisled reality of Gaudiya Vaishnava Practice reveals, conceals and entails.

The Golden Avatara Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu radiates from within Ishwari Devi Dasi in her debut vocal preaching endeavor.

Ebxpected to be available anytime between February and Summer 2019.