Monday, November 19, 2018

Bitcoin Shows Good Long Term Support Levels

Despite the 75% Drop from Last Years High Bitcoin Looks Good Long Term

Bitcoin value appears to be stabilizing in the $3,000 to $7,000 range.

If this support level solidifies, then we are seeing a big increase in Bitcoin value over the previous two year span.

These figures are good for Bitcoin long term.

Attribution in Trauma Recovery

The Past is the Past

For trauma survivors there's little need to look into the past for answers. When in a marriage with a trauma survivor the past should be about what is good.

The Present is the Tool and the Launching Point

With my wife Ishwari Devi Dasi, I have learned that whatever it is that has caused her trauma in the past doesn't matter. It doesn't matter anymore.

For myself, I have always been very self critical and able to use my experiences from the past to gradually create a better future.

It is completely different with Ishwari. I have learned to rethink and relearn my own mind. Ishwari wants to hear all of the good things from the past. She doesn't want to be reminded of what caused the trauma.

Ayurvedic Psychology: Trauma Increases Trauma

The Ayurvedic Healing Psychology also treats trauma the sam way. Western psychology and therapy largely believes in reliving and rehashing the past. This belief is opposite of Ayurvedic Healing Psychology.

Ayurvedic Healing Psychology says for nervous system disorder due to a lifetime of Vata Dosha ama (toxins) one should avoid the trauma.

One should immerse oneself in Ayurvedic massage oils daily. A large amount of massage oils. One should do things that make them happy.

There's no need to challenge oneself with goals of conquering trauma

One should retire and resign from the trauma designation and engage in the occupation of cozy and warm loving liberties without conflict.

When Forgiveness Becomes Irrelevant

Why forgive a trauma survivor. They didn't do anything wrong. Forgiveness doesn't apply.

Productive Forgetfulness

Instead we should forget the past traumas. We should shed any concept of ownership of them. We need to put on new clothes.

We need to put new light summer clothes on and batg in the sunshine of simply existing in the human form.

Ayurveda Recommends Sattva Guna

Light, brightness, clarity, levity, conscious and well intentioned active nature, cleanliness, white, yellow, blue, fennel, cumin, corriander, sunshine, open sky, warmth, comfort, fluidity, freedom, flexibility, organic white Indian basmati rice, tofu, fresh figs, fresh dates, fresh berries, freah organic whole milk, love, tenderness, gentleness, compassion, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, sentience, rest, relaxation, good food, happy food, large amounts of happy feasts, celebration, acceptance, positivity, sobriety, truthfulness, transparency, honesty, humility, dedication, purpose, resolve, graceful, gentle and delicate intimacy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Trauma Survivors

I have suffered from domestic violence. I am a victim of domestic violence.

My wife is a survivor of domestic violence.

Before I met my wife Ishwari, I had never encountered domestic violence.

The traumas that she experienced before I met her affected me so much that I am now victimized by domestic violence.

I have absorbed so much of her past trauma that I have become victimized.

She is gradually overcoming the past as we are often doing Ayurvedic Healing Science at home.

It is necessary for us to take time off from stressful activities and immerse ourselves in healing each other as often as we get time.

The future is always good for us as we both have helped each other overcome so much.

From my past there was many bad habits and undesirable character traits that Ishwari has molded and refined into a somewhat better character that I now wear.

Learning sensitivity and gentleness to a greater degree than I ever thought possible is due only to Ishwari.

I have been happy absorbing her past trauma. It's actually Vedic Marriage belief that husband and wife become one body with marriage.

We are one. The good and the bad mix. Her weaknesses I learn how to make into my weaknesses so we can grow together.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Ishwari and Eeshwar new Album set for Print January 31st 2019

Ishwari and Eeshwar SoundCloud

Organic Electronic Krishna Kirtan

New album featuring vocals by Ishwari Devi Dasi and electronic beats by Eeshwar Das in a somewhat throwback Hip Hop style.

Motivation source for devotional service to Krishna. Ishwari Devi Dasi delivers raw recorded words and eloquent singing beauty that brings the sadhaka and the spiritually curious to feel a sense of what the chisled reality of Gaudiya Vaishnava Practice reveals, conceals and entails.

The Golden Avatara Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu radiates from within Ishwari Devi Dasi in her debut vocal preaching endeavor.

Ebxpected to be available anytime between February and Summer 2019.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Gaudiya Vaishnava Gender Preference

My wife and I agree to not speak with the opposite gender

I don't talk to women.

My wife doesn't talk to men.

Works good for us.

Misunderstanding Unclarified

Simple Misunderstanding Exaggerated Way to Far

For some reason unkown to me, Ishwari my wife was believing that I was harrassing her friends.  What actually happened was she suddenly disapeared and I called her friends regularly to try to find out what was going on.

I don't know how she could have believed that I was harrassing her friends.  I am left only to assume that she was lied to.

The local shelter was deceiving the police about Ishwaris' location. They were telling the police that Ishwari and our two children were here in town at the shelter.

The police was relaying this information to me. It wasn't until six weeks later that I checked the food stamp records and saw that our food stamp card was being used at the grocery store near Ishwaris' parents house.

I suspected the whole time that the police didn't really know what was going on so I considered my family missing.

When Ishwari and our two children appeared to have come up missing, I read online that the thing to do is to contact everyone and keep calling.

She has a good friend that I was calling every other day.  Her friend wasn't answering.  I kept calling because I believed that my wife and children were missing.

This is by no means harrassment. Her friend finally answered and then suddenly threatened to have some people come out to my home and hurt me.

The next day my wife filed a protective order against me.  Ishwari's first complaint was she thought that I was harrassing her friend.

I really believe that Ishwari was mislead and manipulated this whole time.

I am very sad.  I know we are poor but that's no reason to have a protective order.

I am hoping my wife Ishwari understands that all that happened was she became stressed out because of our low income.

Nothing more than that happened.

There's no reason for a protection order.

All Ishwari has to do is tell me what she needs from me and I will follow.  There's no reason to have a threat of being arrested for talking to her.

I always respect her desires and will always continue to respect them. I feel like some people influenced her to make these decisions.

I am very sad.  I have done some research and am filing lawsuits against mean people. Ishwari has been telling me for a long time to stop all these mean people from hurting our family.

I have been learning how to use due process and have built some strong evidence to use in court.

I really miss my family so very much and want to talk to them and be with them.

All Ishwari has to do is ask the judge to drop the protection order or at the very least to allow contact with me and I will be able to clear all the misunderstandings.

I have scheduled an appeal at the courthouse on Wednesday the 21st of November. Hopefully the judge will understand that I can not travel that far. If he doesn't and if Ishwari doesn't dismiss the order, I will have to appeal in all the way to the Supreme Court.

I didn't do anything wrong except work too much and become too busy to massage Ishwari like I usually do.

Ishwari didn't do anything wrong either. I think a bunch of mean people mislead her.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Glories of Ishwari Devi Dasi my Love and Wife

Ishwari Devi Dasi

Ishwari is a good mom and a good devotee.

Illinois Courthouse Violates too many Court Rules

I am a Supporter of ☮️ and Non Violence

I am a peaceful person and a protector of good people.

Ahimsa the Practice of Non Violence

Illinois Courthouse assumes jurisdiction of case 1,700 miles away

The Will County Courthouse in Illinois has illegally taken jurisdiction over my wife and children.

The Will County Courthouse appears to be another in a stream of organizations that act to separate families out of pure fear of their own insecurities.

One Will County Courthouse employee stated "There was one time we didn't do anything and someone died. We do something before abuse happens."

This is something desireable to avoid people becoming hurt but there's no need to proactively separate families just in case something might happen in the future especially when there is no sign at all that anyone is actually in danger.

That statement shows that in many cases the Will County Courthouse assumes jurisdiction over, there was never any abuse to begin with.

The faulty Domestic Violence Act

The Domestic Violence Act appears to be playing God and attempting to do the impossible by preventing death.

At one point the Attorney General felt like increasing protection for women and children.

This move by the government is one of the worst moves for families.  The Domestic Violence Act has separated so many good families from each other.

I remember seeing on TV and the internet when there was stories about domestic violence.  Usually there would be photos of severely beaten women and children with bruises and blood.

Sure, in cases like that, the government may want to step in and see what is going on.

Otherwise the government should stay out of family life.  It's perfectly normal for family members to argue and even get into physical fights with each other.

In all truth, the Domestic Violence Act doesn't consider a physical fight amongst family members to be considered Domestic Violence.

It's only when there is severe physical damage or a repeated and consistently escalating pattern of less than severe encounters that the Domestic Violence Act is able to be utilized.

However so many people are abusing the Domestic Violence Act and assuming power illegaly over others.

The beauty of family is that they forgive each other, learn from their mistakes and move on.  The Domestic Violence Act has prevented family growth since it's inception.

Abuse of the Domestic Violence Act

Now there are many organizations profiting off of the term "domestic violence".

Domestic Violence doesn't even have to have occurred and these organizations feel like they have the right to step in, separate families and make profit meanwhile violating parental rights and engaging in unchecked kidnapping and hostage scenarios.

These Domestic Violence organizations actually are acting in severe violation of the law.  There is no private organization that has the legal right to separate families from each other.

Will County Courthouse has repeatedly forced separation in my family for years causing immense trauma without a single sound judgment ever being made

Even the government is involved in violating parental rights.  Supreme Court Rules and also the Illinois Domestic Violence Act prohibits the Will County Courthouse from taking jurisdiction over my family.

My family is still residents of Nevada.  There was never any domestic violence. Yet the Court has separated my family in violation of their own rules.

The worst thing is that the Will County Courthouse won't even allow me to defend myself.  I am not permitted to speak at the hearing by remote teleconference. I live 1,700 my miles away and don't have enough money to travel to Illinois.

This is the third or fourth time the Will County Courthouse has interfered with my wife and I and our children in the past four years.

Not one single Judge has found Domestic Violence in any of these cases.  Child Protective Services and the Family Division in Illinois has never seen anything worthy of court involvement.

Several Police Departments including the Naperville, IL Police Department have concluded no Domestic Violence.

In one previous four day hearing, the Will County Judge ruled against my wife for the simple reason that my wife didn't believe the lies her child made.

The judge stated "I don't know what I would do if my mother didn't believe me." This ruling led to three years of traumatic separation between my wife and her child.

Appeal Process

I intend to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court. If the Will County Courthouse intends to claim venue over me and my family from 1,700 miles away, the least they could do is allowe me to speak with the judge on the telephone.

This is a severe civil rights violation.

I will not rest until the court stops violating Supreme Court Rules and leaves my family alone.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Brahminical Protection

Protection for Women and Children

The Gaudiya Vaishnava Practice of Brahminical Protection is intended to protect Krishna's vulnerable devotees from aggressors.

Today I am planning on launching my third bonafide legal pursuit to protect my wife and children from third party aggressors.

The Unity Church here in Las Vegas was a new spot for my family to seek devotional association until one of the church organizers concealed my children from me in violation of my parental rights and defamed my character by writing lies about me on the internet and restricting my access to Unity Church programs. The church organizer also made a threat that she intended to cause me harm.

I have asked the organizer for help in resolving the situation but she responded by telling me to stop contacting her.  This is a continued violation of my civil liberties and parental rights.

I have also asked two of her supervisors at the church to help resolve this misunderstanding.  The two supervisors have ignored my requests.

Gaudiya Vaishnavas do not tolerate mistreatment of women and children.

My children have suffered due to the Unity Church. I have suffered and my whole family has suffered because I have not been able to see or speak with my children.

I intend to seek remediation from the Unity Church or the directly offending church organizer and I will not stop until I am satisfied.

My feelings

Srila Bhakti Vicar Bishnu Maharaj

I give everything I can to my guru.  Some many things I give indirectly as I am not in pure devotion. My Guru has told me to write my experiences.

This blog may be starting out with some appearance of material life. We will be seeing movement from material topics to spiritual topics and intertwining between the two.

Ishwari Devi Dasi my wife: feelings

My beautiful wife I love more than anything or anyone. I am sad that my wife has made decisions lately. I am driven by Krishna Bhakti Yoga and am moderately able to see greater truth and greater purpose beyond the emotions. 

Ishwari Devi Dasi has decided that I don't earn enough money and largely due to this fact alone has moved herself and our two children Govinda Das and Shyam Das to her parents house in Chicago all the way from Las Vegas without telling me.

After six weeks I found out she was there after looking at our food stamp records.  What makes me feel the most sad is that my loving wife put an Order of Protection against me preventing me from speaking with her and our children.

The claims that she made on the Order of Protection are mostly based from her past trauma and the stress factors of being poor.  There is not much more to it than that in all practical matters.

I believe she was intentionally mislead by some bad people.

I do have to admit that I have made the faults of working from morning until night without break for the few months before she left.  I was trying very hard to relieve our financial situation.

Due to the crimes against our family, I have only been able to recently make some financial headway.

Now I am earning better pay and the work is easier.

Overall I am sad emotionally and spiritually I am consistently resolved to serving my family.

My wife has promised to me that she will come back home when she feels better.  She has also promised to stay loyal to me.  These two things are what I look forward to the most and am happiest about.