Friday, January 11, 2019

Screen Time Wish Fulfilling Dream

Desire of the mind. The mind is weak for most in modern day. The screen generally feeds into selfish desires of a weak mind.

Power becomes greater than lust in dark times. Machines were born from industry backed by prosperity seeking ambition.

The heart is of love and hugs. Warmth and sunshine come from the heart. The mind when influenced by heart is strong. Strength of the Supreme Lord lives in the heart.

If we were to drop the machines right now stopping their usage, the Supreme Lord would allow mother nature to bring them to dilapidation.

There is no spirit in the machine. The machine is a product of material nature. Only by our influence does the machine come to life.

Only by the influence of the Supreme Lord do our bodies come to life.

The process begins in the heart.

The Supreme Lord's spiritual potency brings life to us and in Him we are dependent completely.

Mind is influenced either from within or from the outside. The Supreme Lord allows us free will to choose which direction to look with the visual retinas attached to the mind

Sunday, January 6, 2019

T-Mobile Boycots Google Android Says One Customer

T-Mobile told one customer that the Google Android 9 or newer will not be permitted to operate properly on the T-Mobile network.

One family using the Google Android version 9 or newer on T-Mobile is left unable to call each other.

If this statement is true, T-Mobile plays a dirty business by allowing Google Android 9 or newer to connect to their network and simultaneously restricting Google's operating system from allowing customers phone calls and text messages to reach each other.

If this statement is true T-Mobile is knowingly accepting FCC protected service payments from customers and simultaneously selectively rejecting cellular service to paying customers, T-Mobile is putting themselves at high risk of intentional Felony communications interference.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Predjudism against Devotees and Disabled People

Las Vegas Nevada

We are disabled.  We are devotees. I have a wife and three children. Las Vegas Nevada has acted criminally against my family to illegally keep us in the lowest of poverty.

It is illegal how poor we are. The lowest I income permissable by law is much higher than we receive.

We work day and night in a sweat shop and are constantly terrorized by Las Vegas citizens.

We are not permitted to shop for groceries at the nearby store because they don't allow our religious practice there.

We are not permitted to have access to the internet. The local internet company blocks our connection forcing us to pay high rates to have access to a criminal phishing version of the internet. Customer support uses entrapment techniques.

We are unable to make phone calls and text messages and emails on a regular basis. Has improved somewhat.

Sometimes the bus refuses to allow us on board and have in the past left us waiting for hours at the bus stop by repeatedly driving right past us while they are on the phone with us telling us they will pick us up this time and it was our mistake. The bus has improved somewhat.

My wife and children have been kidnapped twice by Las Vegas organizations. Rescued them myself the first time. The law helped the second time.

Two local medical facilities kidnapped me and held me hostage and tried to murder me. I only had some minor chest pain. Luckily the law came through when I asked for help otherwise I would be dead.

I am seeking judicial relief to protect my family from the local Las Vegas criminals.

The law has overall been helpful.