Gauri Rasa

Gauri Rasa is owned and operated by Erik Ward (Eeshwar Das) and Svetlana Villaflor (Ishwari Devi Dasi)

Gauri Rasa is a Gaudiya Vaishnava business created and designed to bring devotion to Gaudiya Vaishnavas and to help others to come closer to Krishna.

Gauri Rasa launched in 2015. is a website that Ishwari Devi Dasi uses to post devotional materials and other natural and organic materials. suffered from cyber attacks from hackers and is now in hibernation until Gauri Rasa earns enough revenue to relaunch

Gauri Rasa has an Etsy Shop that Ishwari Devi Dasi uses to sell her handmade arts and crafts. Gauri Rasa Etsy Store is now on vacation until Gauri Rasa earns enough revenue to support the operating costs.

At one time, Gauri Rasa ran an eBay store. The Gauri Rasa eBay store has been shut down so that Gauri Rasa can focus efforts on

Gauri Rasa has ownership over five domains including was created to give location specific timings for Brahma Mahurta and to show the Brahma Mahurta prayer. was taken down due health needs for Eeshwar Das. Eeshwar Das is now healthier and is fighting cybercrime to be able to relaunch was created by Ishwari Devi Dasi as a way to show her artwork. Gauri Rasa is working on generating revenue to support was created as a G-Suite run domain and served as an email host for Ishwari and Eeshwar until the G-Suite was abducted by cybercriminals. Erik Ward (Eeshwar Das) created the name "G-Suite". The name "G-Suite" was bought by Google. Erik Ward was not paid for creating the G-Suite name.  Google refuses to speak with Erik Ward about the money owed to Erik Ward. Eeshwar Das rescued the domain name from the abductors and has again taken ownership and has reclaimed some of the email access. website was created and put online as an offering to Gaudiya Vaishnava Religion for a few months until Gauri Rasa funds became too small to afford the hosting costs.

Eeshwar Das is now working as a freelancer on doing advanced software production and consulting to earn revenue for Gauri Rasa. Eeshwar is building a low cost and secure cloud infastructure to host and operate the online presence of Gauri Rasa in hopes that revenue will not be a factor in operating Gauri Rasa.

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